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Chapter 24: Magia Erebea

Hugo continues releasing the weird aura. Noticing his mindless anger, Kaito tries to back off, but is too late as he loses an arm. Nagumo recognizes this power and talks about the events from 20 years ago when two users of Magia Erebea appeared before him, with the boy, "The Greatest Mage" and a user of complete Magia Erebea, effortlessly defeating a horde of Immortal Monsters. Nagumo then attempts to interfere, however, Karin doesn't let him, intending to leave everything to UQ Holder if things become bad. Meanwhile, Touta, possessed by his power, charges at Kaito to perform the killing blow.

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Negi Springfield (ネギ・スプリングフィールド Negi Supuringofīrudo?), known as The Greatest Mage (最強の魔法使い Saikyō no Mahōtsukai?), was an immortal mage and the grandfather of Hugo Freecss.

In spite of being an immortal, Negi has shown to care about his comrades in battle, even if they were Immortal Hunters. He defeated the summoned monsters that were endangering Shion Nagumo and stopped by him to let him know that a rescue party was on their way, looking for an assurance that the Immortal Hunter would survive by the time they arrived. ( more)

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The strongest, but also, the most evil immortal.
  • The 24th chapter entitled Magia Erebea has been released! You can read it legally and for free at the Crunchyroll Manga site.
  • The first volume of the UQ Holder! manga will be released in English on March 18th 2014!
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